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News Feeds(RSS): This module allows you to consume syndicated news feeds in Rich Site
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Sub Calendars with Event Rollup, TimeZone Adjustment, Event Enrollment, and Event Notification
Reports: This module displays a report based on the results of a SQL Query.
The display is controlled by selecting one of many Visualizers todisplay the data, ranging from a Grid to an HTML Template and even more
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Do you still go to hosting companies negotiating the price for your server space? Are you tired of talking to programmers, looking for a new designer and not getting there for weeks? Are you still fighting with Photoshop and tons of other software to update your site? You want to create a website, set it up and maintain it without having to go through this process all over again, do not you? The days of expensive, complicated, technical websites are over! Welcome to the new era of Internet business. Today, Bizpoint gives you a chance to build a website, host it, and get your business online in ten minutes
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Create a Website Online in 10 minutes   Free Hosting
  No Domain Registration Fees   Free Live Support
  No Computer Skills Needed   Unlimited Web Pages
  Many Add-on Modules   Premium Designed Template
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Bizpoint now offers ShoppingCart module that help you to create Online Store for your business without any programming knowledge or website building experience. Our ShoppingCart module gives you far more than just a online store. It's a complete and full-featured ecommerce solution that gives you sophisticated high-tech features enabling you to promote and manage your internet business and monitor your progress in a variety of ways. We've listed most of our shopping cart features below. Sign up for a 30-day free trial now to try it out for yourself or click here to run live demo.

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Product Category Management Store Catalog
Order Management Shoppers
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In the age of the Internet, many people love lifestyle that comes from running an online business. They can get to work from home each day, set their own hours, choose their own projects, and enjoy abundant income. However, the whole process of running an online business is just too complicated for most people. There are lots of ways to screw it up. The cruel and unfair part of online business is that if you are not very Internet savvy, you will make mistakes on the technical side that you are totally oblivious to. You may get the content side right, but the technology will bite you and cripple your results.
Recently, Bizpoint came across vastly superior solution to this problem - a way for people to build a successful online business that does not require them to become technology gurus. Bizpoint offers internet business services, resources and solutions for a professional web presence, conveniently at one place.
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